2015 Great Rhythm Revival

2014 Great Rhythm Revival

Rejuvenate Your Whole Self

The 2015 Great Rhythm Revival happens Aug. 7, 8, 9, 2015

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You Get...

During our time together you get:

  • Over 29 hours of meticulously designed and powerfully enjoyable experiences
  • Revitalizing, lifelong skill sets help you feel your best
  • Rare opportunities to learn from an array of gifted and compassionate instructors
  • Membership in our private Great Rhythm Revival network
  • A comfortable, welcoming and accepting atmosphere where you can feel free to just be yourself
  • First access to discounted seats @ next year's Revival
  • A beautiful drum to play during drumming sessions
Eventbrite - Sherman, NY: 2015 Great Rhythm Revival

You Deserve a Revival...

The Great Rhythm Revival is a three-day retreat experience that is equal parts revitalizing, connective and educational.

Similar to when you jump start a car battery that has run out of juice, the Great Rhythm Revival is designed to provide you with a much deserved "boost".

On any given day at the Revival, you'll have the opportunity to drum, dance, and learn something new with many friendly, like-minded people- even if you are an absolute beginner!

Here is a sample of the many experiences and workshops awaiting you:
  • Drum & Chant
  • World Drumming
  • West African dance
  • Yoga
  • Shamanic Journey
  • Afro-Cuban Drumming
  • Energy Medicine
  • Native American Spirituality
  • Sound Healing
  • Sacred Intimacy
  • Men's and Women's Circles
  • Transformative Writing
  • Sound Empowerment
  • Nightly Drum and Dance Jams
  • Sun King Warriors (Jim Donovan's groove band)
  • Opportunities for private lessons and wellness sessions
  • Night Lights (You have to see this to believe it..)
  • Fire Circles

More special surprises to be announced soon!

At the Great Rhythm Revival we encourage you to take impeccable care of yourself. Here you can take relaxing walks through beautiful wooded paths, connect and spend time with friends old and new, laugh more than you have in years, eat well, get a massage, or even just take a nap... whenever you want.

At the Revival you can expect gifted, down-to-earth instructors, great food, free camping, and a comfortable, accepting atmosphere where you can just be yourself.

    •    Eat healthy, incredible chef-prepared meals... much of it local and organic.
    •    Enjoy ecstatic dance during our evening concerts and late-night fire circles.
    •    Soak up the pristine natural beauty, rolling hills, fresh air and tall trees.
    •    Connect with friends old and new!

All on the gorgeous grounds of the Heron in Sherman, NY.

Directed by Jim Donovan